Licenses & Permits

Schedule of Fees
Revised and Updated April 12, 2018
By Planning & Zoning Commission of the City of Bishop

Electrical Permit / Inspection Fees

To Issue Permit $20.00

New Home (per square foot) $0.12

Per Temporary Pole $20.00

Per lnspection $35.00

Per Re-lnspection $35.00

Mechanical Permit

Issuance Fee $20.00

Total Area (per square foot) $0.02

Plumbing Permit / Inspection Fees

To Issue Permit $20.00

Each Plumbing Fixture (new home) $5.00

Each Water & Sewer $20.00

Gas Line $10.00

Building Permit / Inspection Fees

Certificate of Zoning Compliance $20.00

Inspection Fee $30.00

Living Area (per square foot) $0.24

Non-Living Area (per square foot) $0.12

Minimum Fee $35.00

Zoning Fees

Re-Zoning Request Fee $100.00

Zoning Appeals Fee $50.00

All Other Permits

Moving Permit (per structure) $100.00

Demolition Permit $25.00

Fence Permit $20.00

Sign Permit $20.00

Peddlers Permit $5.00

Contractors Fee $150.00

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