City Secretary

Mission Statement

This office strives for excellence by providing quality service, responding to citizens needs and anticipating future growth so that the quality of life in the City of Bishop is enhanced. This office is dedicated to uphold the integrity of public service by providing high performance, professional assistance and direction, accountability, integrity, involvement, and diversity; all in a fair and timely manner. This office strives to maintain the integrity of the legislative process in the City of Bishop and ensure an informed citizenry by providing administrative and technical support to the City Council; protect and preserve official City records; administer municipal elections; administer human resources, benefits, insurance, retirement; issue various types of permits; maintain record retention; obtain all facility insurance; collect and distribute hotel occupancy taxes; and coordinate boards, commissions and contracts.

Legislative Services

This office supports the City Council and acts as a resource for the public seeking information regarding official city policies, laws, actions, and records. We produce and distribute Council packets, which include exhibits for regular and special meetings. The office provides legislative support and maintains the official minutes of the City Council meetings. In the public hearing bidding or RFP (Request for Proposal) processes, and publishes all official notices following the process, to final approval and ordinance adoption.

City Elections

Election staff coordinates and administers the city's municipal elections and election-related activities. Activities include advising officeholders, candidates, and committees of procedures and requirements; processing ballot proposals and initiative petitions; administering campaign statements of economic interest; providing maps, brochures, and instruction manuals to Council, staff, and the public; and preparing technical and analytical reports.

Records Management

Our Records Management Program monitors disposition of all city records for origin and use through storage, destruction, and archival retention. Elements of the program include preparation of Records Disposition Schedules for all City Department, scanning all permanent records, storage of inactive records, cataloging official artifacts, forms control, and advising City Departments of records management issues.

Duties and Responsibilities as prescribed by Law LGC Section 22.073:
  • Attend every meeting of the city council and keep accurate minutes for the proceedings of the city council.
  • Engross and enroll all laws, resolution and ordinance of the city council.
  • Keep the corporate seal.
  • Take charge of, and preserve, all books, records, papers, documents and files of the municipality.
  • Countersign all commissions issued to municipal officers and licenses issued by the mayor and keep a record of these.
  • Draw all warrants on the treasurer and countersign the same and keep an account of all warrants in a separate record.
  • Be the general accountant of the municipality.
  • Keep a record of all contracts of the municipality.
  • Countersign all bonds issued by the municipality.
  • Perform such other duties as the city council may require.
  • Notify the Texas Judicial Council, P.O. Box 12066, Austin, Texas 78711, (512) 463-1625, of the name of any person elected or appointed as mayor or municipal court judge or municipal court clerk of a municipality.
  • Prepare all notices required under any regulation or ordinance of the municipality.

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